Mike Freeman and J.J. White Inc. receive the Patriotic Employer Certificate

To Bud Burns, Jim White, and Bob Schmucker:

Mr. Robert Austin, one of the Laborers working for J J White between July and November before we had to reduce our work staff here at Valero Delaware City, approached me and let me know that he was a National Guard and he would be needed some time off to serve our Country. This gentleman was a very good employee. I then went to talk with Bob Schmucker about this man being away for some weeks. We decided that we would keep this man on our roster under a vacation code until he returned from active duty. He came back to work for our company until the Novembers shut of the plant. This to me is an award to the owner and leaders of J J White Inc.

Thank you and God Bless America

Michael Freeman
J.J. White Inc Laborers Superintendant
Valero Delaware City


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