Safety Stand Down Safety

Respect the Safety Rules


When you consider the number of requirements that exist in each area of our business, following all the rules, all the time, can seem like a tough challenge. Why do we sometimes break rules?  Sometimes it’s easier, it’s quicker, it’s less hassle, and usually no one gets hurt.  So what’s the big deal?


If you track each rule back to when it was first authored, you’ll find it was implemented because there was a problem.  What sets safety rules apart from other rules is that many safety rules came about because someone was injured or worse.


While it usually doesn’t cause an injury, the more often we skirt rules, the greater the chance that it will lead to an accident.


So take the time to know and understand the rules associated with the work you perform and in the work you see others performing.  Then take steps or intervene to ensure that you and others always…