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ONE LOCK – ONE KEY: Will protect your safety

What are the requirements for “locks” used on a lockbox?

Our LOTO procedure is only effective when you take control over hazardous energy by following these basic rules…

  • Always apply your personal lock to the equipment lockbox, and
  • Keep the key to your personal lock in your possession at all times

Using a general purpose lock, or a lock that is not part of your company’s LOTO program, cannot ensure that the key in your possession is the only key to that lock.

Also, if you do not hold on to your key, it could end up with someone else.

In both cases, you lost control over the hazardous energy because someone else could remove your lock from the lockbox.

The locks used in the LOTO program must meet certain criteria.  Locks must be:

  • Durable and capable of withstanding the environment they are used in;
  • Standardized based on color, shape, size;
  • Substantial – to prevent removal without excessive force; and
  • Identifiable so that the owner can be identified.

So be sure to use the lock assigned to you, and always follow the company’s LOTO procedures so that you retain control over your safety