Eye Protection Safety


What I’d like you to do on your way home today is spend the evening observing the many beautiful things in this world! For just one evening, stop taking your eyesight for granted! Let me suggest the following:

As you leave the workplace today, look up, down and all around, observing the beauty around you. See the blue sky, the many shades of leaves in the trees, and the different birds that occupy them. When you get home, watch your children playing in the yard and pay attention to how their eyes light up when Daddy or Mommy gets home. Have you ever stopped to think how wonderful your eyesight really is? Well, think about it. For about two minutes, close your eyes completely and contemplate how life would be if you lost your eyesight! That’s it-your homework is complete! Did you come up with visions about how your life would change if you couldn’t see? Did they include any of the following?

  • When you and your family are on vacation, they will have to describe the scenery to you.
  • You would have to be led wherever you want to go.
  • Your spouse would have to describe the way your children’s eyes light up when they open their presents at Christmas.
  • No more leisurely activities such as hunting or fishing, watching movies or TV.
  • No more driving the new truck you just bought.