Fall Protection Saves Lives Safety


So why in the last week have there been multiple instances of individuals navigating at heights without properly using their fall protection?

If you think about that question for just a second, you will probably come up with one of a few common excuses we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better about shortcutting the requirement.  As harsh as that sounds, it’s true.  Otherwise we would all use the proper fall protection, 100% of the time.

Sometimes establishing proper fall protection can be a challenge as not every situation is straight forward or convenient.  In those circumstances, work with the right people to remedy the situation BEFORE you find yourself trying to figure it out on your own.

However, sadly, in many cases, it’s pure laziness that is to blame.  Individuals ascending or descending scaffold ladders with all the right equipment available, sitting there ready to protect their lives, yet unused.  Individuals navigating heights with perfectly usable and appropriate anchor points, ignored.

What does it take to help individuals realize that FALL PROTECTION SAVES LIVES??  If everyone believed this to be the case, we would NEVER find people at heights without fall protection.

So what DOES it take?  Hopefully nothing more than this reminder, as the consequences of finding out too late are just too severe.