Great Leaders Ask Great Questions Safety


Great Leaders Ask Great Questions

Please take time to ask yourself these questions and how it applies to our work sites every day

  1. What are the hazards of the job you are doing right now?
  1. What did you do today to ensure you, your coworkers, and this job are safe?
  1. What do you expect of me when it comes to your safety?
  1. What is our largest barrier here to achieving zero injuries?
  1. Describe 5 hazards that you frequently face at our site:
  1. Have we given you the right tools, training, time, and resources to complete your job safely?
  1. When was the last time you shut down a job or equipment due to safety concerns? Were you treated respectfully and appreciatively when you did?
  1. If you could change on thing about our safety programs and processes, what would it be?
  1. Do you know how to report an incident or unsafe situation?
  1. What proactive safety goals have you discussed with your supervisor for this year?