Taglines Safety

Use of Taglines

 Hundreds of people are injured or killed as a result of crane accidents in the United States every year.  Many accidents happen as a result of failure to control the load.  To help eliminate this risk, use taglines for controlling awkward loads and maneuvering them into difficult positions.  For safe use follow these procedures:

  • Use taglines to control loads when their use is practical and will not create additional hazards.
  • After securing a load with taglines, stay clear of the path of the load and well forward of the load.
  • If it’s necessary to guide the load, stay well clear from the wheels or tracks of the crane.
  • When guiding a load, remain clearly visible to the crane operator at all times.
  • Never walk between the suspended load and the crane.
  • When working around electrical equipment or lines, make sure the tagline stays clear of the equipment or lines

When a crane lifts an object, it can swing into objects around it, into power lines or, by swinging, create hazards to personnel on the ground. Taglines, long ropes attached to the load, allow ground personnel to pivot the load as it swings on the crane’s hook, so that it doesn’t collide with objects around it.