General Safety Safety



How do you anticipate the “unexpected”?

“What-if” analysis is used during a Change in Conditions or a Site Hazard Analysis  to consider what can happen when there’s deviation from normal procedures. Based on possible unplanned events, the need for safeguards is considered.  In essence, a What-if helps us anticipate the unexpected.

Are we also anticipating the unexpected when planning and setting up a job?

For our jobs, and for certain non-routine tasks, we have an assessment tool in the JSA.  The JSA considers:

  • Physical hazards, such as pinch points and slips & trips;
  • Walking/working surface hazards such as uneven surfaces; and
  • Work area hazards such as floor openings and overhead hazards.

Preparing to do a job should include anticipating the unexpected.  Some things we should be asking include…

  • Does the crew know their muster point in case of an evacuation?
  • Do they know the proper evacuation routes?
  • Do they know the correct number to call in case of emergency?
  • Is the correct PPE available at the location before it is needed?
  • If fire protection equipment is required, is it available and ready to use?
  • Has a competent safety watch been identified if needed for the job?
  • Has the safety shower and eye wash been tested before work begins?

Consider what could go wrong and then make sure that you are ready if the unexpected does happen.