Winter Safety Safety



Is it acceptable to keep unattended vehicles running?

We’ve had a mild start to the winter season, but we shouldn’t let our guard down.  We have had temperatures dip below freezing and there’s still the threat of snow and more severe cold as we progress into the winter months.

A lot of work went into winterizing the units and gearing up maintenance to prepare for winter.  As we enter the winter months there are many day-to-day winter-related concerns that we can’t lose site of.  Here’s a list of reminders worth discussing with work teams and work crews as winter takes hold.

  • Be aware of overhead icicles; barricade “falling icicle zones” when needed
  • Keep ice melt handy at building entrances, turnstiles, and common walkways
  • Remind folks that snow tracked on boot bottoms makes ladder rungs and indoor floor tiles slick; remind folks to wear “ice grippers” when conditions are slick
  • Expand JSA and safety discussions to include weather-related hazards
  • Keep vehicles free of snow and ice to maintain visibility while driving
  • Remind crews to clear scaffolds of ice/snow when safe to do so before starting work
  • Don’t overdo it when shoveling, pace yourself
  • Adjust work schedules to stay warm

Another concern that comes up is unattended vehicles left idling.  Keeping a vehicle idling may keep the interior warm, but there could be safety concerns when left idling on a process unit.  In fact, the SWP states “Motor vehicles in permitted areas/units must not be left idling when no one is attending to the vehicle.”

So let’s keep an eye on the weather and when conditions change, let’s be sure that we implement safety measures that match those changing conditions.