Actions, Not Distractions Safety


In the age of Technology, have you become better at multitasking?

It seems to be a human tendency to want to be good at multitasking, to take pride in having the mental ability to do more thing one thing at a time. Now, in the technology age, we have a steady stream of information bombarding us at all times. In this new environment, one would think then that we would be getting better at multitasking. The opposite appears to be happening though.

In a Stanford University study, it has been found that people who have simultaneous input from several types of media (ex. surfing the web while listening to music) become less able to filter out non-important information. In other words, “everything distracts them” and they struggle to focus on what is important.

In the job place, it doesn’t take much imagination to realize this could work against our personal safety. The lesson – being able to focus fully on the job at hand is actually a skill. It is a skill that marks craftsmanship, professionalism and personal safety.