The Goal of Zero Safety


What can you do to help reduce the number of incidents?

Our safety goal is zero accidents and zero incidents. What can you do today to help our team achieve that goal? Many people may not realize that they have the power to affect the safety culture every day. Here are some examples to keep in mind to ensure EVERYONE goes home safe EVERY day.

Safety and Life Critical Audits Auditing is an important part of any safety process. It helps to identify the areas that may need improvement as well as what we are doing correctly. When performing an audit, take the time to understand the job tasks. Speak to the work crew and help to assess whether all possible outcomes have been considered.

Job Safety Analysis The JSA is the most important “tool” in your “tool box”. Be sure to take an active part in the JSA creation. Once the JSA has been completed, it does not mean it is done. Keep the hazards identified in mind and follow the mitigation plans.

These are just two examples of how we can affect safety performance. It does not end there. Remember that each and every one of us has the power to prevent accidents and incidents.

Do you part and be a hero, help us to achieve the goal of ZERO!