Struck-By Hazards Safety

Be aware of one of the “Fatal Four” safety hazards: Being Struck By

Many hazards are from falling debris, moving equipment and walking into hazards when distracted. Being Struck By equipment or debris can be fatal.

  • Look up and look around!
  • Never work distracted. Put the cell phone away and remain aware of your surroundings.
  • Wear your hard hat and safety glasses at all times.
  • Be properly trained in the safe operation of all tools and equipment.
  • Wear high visibility clothing that allows you to be seen easily day or night.
  • Be aware of the swing area of cranes and backhoes and stay far back.
  • Prevent items from falling. Use toeboards, guardrails or debris nets.
  • Do not work under a load being moved.

“Struck By” accidents can be caused by vehicles, by falling debris, by moving equipment, by faulty equipment and more. The key to avoiding these accidents is by keeping vigilant and making sure to stay out of harm’s way. Wearing appropriate safety gear will keep your safety level up also.