Spotting Hazards Safety

If we are walking through our workplace, what types of hazards might we spot?


Housekeeping – have a look at the state of the workplace and things like floors, work benches, ladders and walkways.

First aid and amenities – look at first aid equipment, supply of drinking water, washrooms and toilets.

Fire and emergency safety – check the access and exits, fire fighting equipment and alarms.

Plant, equipment, tools and appliances – have a look for cutting, crushing or trapping hazards and unsafe conditions due to things like flying particles, noise and hot and cold parts.

Chemical hazards – have a look at the PPE, ventilation, labels, containers, storage, signs and Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Electrical hazards – check the residual current devices (RCD’s), the condition and location of cables, plugs, sockets and switches and tag lock outs.

Ergonomic and manual task hazards – have a look at the design of work stations, height of bench tops and desks, seating and tasks that involve lifting, carrying, reaching, stretching and repetition.

Machinery guarding – have a look at whether there are barriers, guards or fences to protect against moving parts.