Employee Communication & Safety Safety

Employee Communication & Safety

When disaster strikes, establishing communications and working to ensure the well-being of employees, customers, emergency responders and community members are top priorities.

Here are some things your business can do before, during and after an event to help protect and assist those individuals.

Have Detailed Communications Plans

Communication is critical regardless of the phase of the event. Plan in advance how your company will notify employees, customers and vendors, emergency responders and other outside entities, and how to keep them informed throughout the recovery process.

  • Establish a notification plan for employees, critical vendors, priority customers and other important stakeholders.
  • Consider multiple paths for notification – email, websites, text messages, social media posts and mass text, in addition to traditional methods such as phone lines.
  • Designate an individual (Robert Celestino) and central point of contact for communication with the media and other stakeholders.
  • Have a plan for ongoing communications until things are back to business as usual.