Fleet Safety Safety

Fleet Safety

The purpose of the Fleet policy is to promote safe operation of company owned or rented vehicles, as well as employees’ personal vehicles ( when participating in the rental reimbursement program) and, in the process reduce the company’s exposure to financial loss resulting from vehicle accidents or incidents(either personal injury or damage to company equipment) and promote positive public image. We have established procedures for pre-qualifying drivers, training/orientation, vehicle inspection, preventative maintenance, accident/incident reporting as well as accident/incident investigation.

This applies to all drivers of company owned/rented vehicles at all times, as well as drivers in the rental reimbursement program, while operating their vehicles in the furtherance of the company’s interests.

Project Superintendents are responsible for the maintenance and care of all company-owned/rented vehicles on their site which are not assigned to a specific individual, As well as the qualification of the drivers. Superintendents are responsible to ensure that ONLY licensed drivers with acceptable driving records operate company-owned/rented vehicles during the course and scope of their work

Cardinal Rules:

  • Always focus on driving the vehicle only. Never attempt to multi-task while driving.
  • Beware of both unsafe & overly cautious drivers.
  • Always observe and obey all Laws of the State in which you are operating the vehicle.
  • Always observe and obey all of the Safety Rules pertaining to vehicle usage within any facility whose property you may be operating a vehicle on.
  • Constantly observe those around you and always expect the unexpected so that you are prepared to immediately adjust both speed & direction.
  • NEVER use communication devices other than hands free while driving.