JJ White Inc. Fleet Intersection Accident Prevention Safety

JJ White Inc. Fleet Intersection Accident Prevention

Intersection Accidents Nationwide, last year there were nearly 3 million Intersection accidents that accounted for 44 % of all accidents.  Intersection accidents also represent the highest percentage of serious accidents.

Drivers are all entering the same point in the road from several different directions.  Each driver’s view of the intersection may be good, limited, or completely blocked.  Some driver’s have stop signs or red lights, others do not.  Some are driving straight through the intersection others are making a turn.  Some driver’s use turn signals, others should and don’t.  With all these decisions and additional variables it makes intersections driving difficult.

This picture below shows a typical intersection in a refinery.  Note the driver’s right side view of the intersection is completely blocked.   The left side is partially blocked.


Intersection Accident Prevention Let’s discuss the correct actions we should take to safely enter and proceed through an intersection to reduce accidents.

First – When approaching and intersection, keep a safe following distance to provide reaction time.

Second – Slow down, even if you have the right-of-way, as others driver may not stop or may turn into your path of travel.

Third – Signal your intentions if you’re making a turn.  Remember others may turn and not use signals.

Forth – When you stop, maintain a one vehicle “space cushion” between the vehicle in front of you.

Fifth – Before proceeding through an intersection, look Left-Right-Left.  Even if you have the right-of-way, do this to prevent being hit by other drivers.

Sixth – Remember you are using safe driving techniques, many other drivers are not, that’s why 44% of all accidents occur in intersections.


Drive Defensively.