Safety on a New Jobsite Safety

Safety on a New Jobsite

It’s important for you to remember that most accidents are caused by carelessness or thoughtlessness– yours, or someone else on the job. When an accident occurs, it is because someone has failed to foresee that it could happen. If you think ahead of the possible hazards likely to confront you, you can plan how to avoid them. When starting work at a new job site, size up the situation and think of ways to prevent accidents and keep the job safe.

Take time to evaluate your share of the work as soon as you arrive on the site. Ask your supervisor to explain any phase of the job that you do not understand. If you are working with a new employee, be sure to explain the work to be done and be sure that he/she is qualified to do the work. This will allow you to work safely with this person and prevent accidents.

Always check that you have the necessary tools and equipment required to do the job. Use tools only for the purpose they were designed for. Repair and replace immediately any defective tools such as chisels with mushroomed heads, wrenches with sprung or spread jaws, hammers with split handles, etc. Inspect the wiring of all electrical hand tools to be sure they are equipped with a three-prong grounded plug. Power tools with frayed or broken insulation on wires should be taken out of service until repaired. When using ladders, make sure that they are in good shape with no broken or missing rungs. Never use aluminum ladders when working around electricity. Wear hard hats and other personal protective equipment when called for on the site. When using scaffolding, make sure that it is properly set up with scaffold grade planks and good, stable footing. Do not work on scaffolding that is shaky or missing components.

Remember, a job is only as safe as each person makes it. If each employee will take nothing for granted, check all tools and equipment for safe operation, keep the job neat and follow company rules, they will be contributing to the safety of themselves and their fellow workers.