Falling Objects Safety


Being Struck by Falling Objects is a leading source of construction fatalities. Even a small object falling from a height can cause serious or fatal injuries.

Preventing Being Struck by Equipment or Objects:

  • Loads should not be hoisted or allowed to pass over people.
  • Loads need to be secured when lifted by forklifts, cranes, or any sort of material handling when materials are being lifted overhead.
  • Hard hats can help minimize injuries to the head and therefore your spine also.
  • Toe boards need to be placed on all scaffolding, unprotected sides or edges, and open elevations to protect workers below from falling materials such as lumber, brick, tools, debris, nuts and bolts, nails, screws, and equipment.
  • Materials should be stacked and secured appropriately and not leaning or ready to topple over.
  • Tools in elevated working areas need to be secured if close to any change in elevation. ¬†There are new and improved tool lanyards being made available all the time.
  • Even when taking all of the above cautions, items can shift, winds can gust or change, workers can lose their grip, someone can accidently kick an object, or any number of other things can happen to allow objects to become airborne and drop to lower levels