Head Protection Safety

Head Protection

The hardhat is one of the oldest, widely used, and most important pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) on the job .However, the hardhat is unable to do its job when it is not properly worn, maintained, and replaced when needed.


  • Never drill holes in the hard hat shell for ventilation purposes
  • Always wear your hard hat with the bill facing forward
  • Always avoid contact between the hard hat and electric wires
  • Never use a hardhat suspension that is not intended for use with a particular shell, or one that is made by a different manufacturer
  • Never carry or wear anything inside of your hard hat between the suspension and the shell. A clearance must be maintained between the hard hat, shell, and the wearer’s head for the protection system to work properly
  • Ball caps and other objects may limit this clearance and should not be worn
  • Only wear products (winter liners, sunshades, etc.) that are designed specifically to work in conjunction with hard hats
  • Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use