Securing Loads and Avoiding Struck-By Hazards Safety

Securing Loads and Avoiding Struck-By Hazards

How do we safely work around and secure loads?

What are the hazards?  Loads releasing onto workers from trucks or storage are­ as, materials dropped on workers while loading trucks or unstrapping loads

What are the results? Crushed or broken limbs, head injuries, amputations, death

What should we look for? Poorly stacked building materials, lopsided loads on trucks, loads not properly tied down, materials being lifted by cranes near work areas.

What can we do to prevent accidents?

  • Keep workers who are not involved in loading or unloading clear of loading areas.
  • Load materials for maximum Distribute weight evenly and keep materials level.
  • Secure loads following safe and appropriate industry practices.
  • Consider having a competent person inspect incoming freight to identify those that pose serious hazards during
  • Nail 2×4 boards to the floor of cargo areas to secure equipment with
  • Make sure cargo does not restrict driver’s vision, free motion, exit from the vehicle, or access to emergency
  • Stack and store materials with no more than a 4:1 height to base ratio and keep materials back from the
  • Perform rigging only if you are Choose the right equipment and inspect it prior to each use. Take defective rigging equipment out of service!