JSA Auditing Safety

JSA Auditing

The following score sheet is available on SharePoint and should be used as a coaching guide

when performing a JSA Audit. Categories are ranked 1-5 and the form will calculate a score

based on the ranking given.

                                             JJ White, Inc.      JSA Audit Form
Activity 1 2 3 4 5
Crew Assigned to a
location without pre-
discussion on task
Vague, difficult to
clearly identify task
or exact location
Clear, but not
reviewed with all
crew members
Clear review with
all crew members
Clear review with all
crew members, tested
for understanding
Conducted or started
without all required
All required info avail.
– Permit, dwgs., etc.
Location Discussion outside of
work location without
pre inspection
Discussion outside of
work location with
pre inspection
Discussion at the
work location with
pre inspection of area
Discussion without all
crew members present
– One person writing,
others missing or
engaged elsewhere
Discussion with most
crew members present
All crew members
present, no group
Most crew members
present, with group
All crew members
present, with a good,
interactive group
discussion that enhanced JSA.
Steps to
Perform Work
Generic Work Steps only:
– “Get Tools”
– “Place fire blankets”
– “Work safe”
– “Clean up work area”
Generalized Work Steps not in sequence related to work activities:
– “Place ladder in excavation”                           – “Use air-kife for initial excavation”
– “Assign spotter for all excavator placement”
Good listing of Work Steps with interactive discussion on their sequence and explination of their order. Excellent and detailed listing of Work Steps w/
interactive discussion
– What could go wrong if work steps not sequenced properly
–  Changes in Work Steps noted at time of revaildation
– Trade or Operational impacts
Generic Hazards only:
– Cuts/Lacerations
– Slips & falls
– Weather
– Pinch points
Mostly generic Hazards:
– H2S/Toxics
– Burns due to sparks
– Slips & Falls due to wet surfaces
– Pinch points associated from chain fall
Somewhat generic but only
some distinct hazards included for some corresponding Work Steps
Specific hazards
clearly identified and
documented including any SIF’s for each Work Step.
– “What if”
– “Worst case”
– “If this happens”
Some attempt to
document risk control.
– Wear H2S monitor
– Watch footing
– Watch pinch points
– Wear PPE
Somewhat generic but
some distinct controls
documented. JSA clearly revalidated.
Clear “instructional”
controls documented
which could include
“stop and reevaluate” for possible condition changes. All SIF’s mitigated.