Eye Injury Statistics Safety

Eye Injury Statistics

  • Every day an estimated 2,000 eye injuries occur in the workplace across the US
  • Two most common contributing factors are not wearing eye protection, or wearing the wrong type of protection for the job – both of which are 100% controllable by you
  • According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, 70% of accidents studied resulted from flying or falling objects or sparks striking the eye

Ask yourself, are you truly keeping the preciousness of vision in mind when making choices every day?  If so, then you always:

  • Wear the proper form of eye protection, and “upgrade” to particle goggles, chemical splash goggles, or a full face shield when required
  • Have some form of sealed eyewear in your possession at all times, just in case
  • Abandon the safety sunglasses for regular safety glasses when light conditions change, even if it’s just working in a darker, shadier area
  • Speak up when you see those putting their vision at risk
  • Do your part in ensuring good communication and planning with jobs in close proximity
  • Abide by the “four foot rule” – you are required to wear the same PPE as the permitted job when within four feet of that work
  • Take care when removing eye protection – dust and particles can actually harm they eyes they were protecting if not removed properly and with care