The Do’s & Dont’s of Working Around Mobile Equipment Safety

The Do’s & Don’ts of Working Around Mobile Equipment


  • DO make eye contact with the operator before walking near or around the machine.
  • DON’T use a cell phone when walking near mobile equipment.
  • DO wear a hard hat and high visibility clothing when walking/working around mobile equipment.
  • DON’T walk or work in the operator’s blind spots.
  • DO be aware of the swing radius of the boom and counterweight.
  • DON’T walk under suspended loads.
  • DO stay alert and listen for backup alarms.
  • DON’T ride on any part of any mobile equipment, including attachments.
  • DO look out for others—coworkers and customers—and alert them if danger arises.
  • DO watch for shifting or unstable loads and working surfaces.
  • DO always use a spotter when backing up a piece of Equipment