Scaffold Operations Safety Safety

Scaffold Operations Safety

Scaffold use is a common occurrence within refinery operations and increases during turnaround activities.  In 2015, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that 492 worker fatalities resulted from falls to lower levels.

To ensure worker safety while conducting work activities on elevated platforms over 6 feet in height, such as scaffolds, the following actions must be taken.

User Inspections of:

  • Fall protection Harness
  • Fall protection system components (i.e. D-ring extenders, Lanyards, and SRLs)

Scaffold Inspection Tag Review:

  • Inspection completed for each day of use
  • Check for and follow all listed fall protection requirements

SRL and Anchor checks:

  • Conduct user test of SRL prior to use
  • Use vertical posts as primary anchor points
  • Use horizontal members (only if vertical posts are not feasible)
    • <7 in feet in length
    • Secured to vertical members on both sides

*Important Reminders*

Be aware of your surroundings

Stay focus on your task

Review and utilize safety devices during transition to and from the scaffold