Aerial Work Platform Safety Safety

Aerial Work Platform Safety

Aerial work platforms (AWP) are only used by authorized persons. The owner of the equipment or the company that has rented the equipment are the one who may make a user authorized. The following list are some of the thing to keep in mind:

  • The authorized operator shall have training and experience before operating an AWP
  • Always do a visual inspection of the equipment and of the work area before operation and at the beginning of each shift
  • Always make the AWP safe from unauthorized users
  • Never block emergency exits, E&O switches, disconnects etc.
  • The operator is responsible for the safe operation of the AWP and the areas they are operating in
  • The AWP operator shall always use the appropriate PPE required for this equipment. OSHA regulations and manufacturers recommendations shall be followed for PPE selection
  • In an AWP the full body harness and lanyards used while operating an AWP are fall restraint and NOT fall protection. This PPE is required to keep a person from being ejected out of the AWP. So when the PPE selection is made, it needs to reflect this concept
  • When a customer requires workers to tie off in scissor lifts (not an OSHA requirement) the worker shall only use tie off points designated by the manufacturer
  • Do not stand on the rails