Flammable Chemical Fire Prevention Safety

Flammable Chemical Fire Prevention

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and chemical labels provide important fire prevention information. Always review the SDS before working with a chemical. It will tell you how easily the substance can catch fire.

Before you move, handle, or open a chemical container, read its label. Chemical labels often indicate a fire hazard by the color red combined with a number. The number tells you the degree of the hazard:

  • 4 Severe hazard
  • 3 Serious hazard
  • 2 Moderate hazard
  • 1 Slight hazard
  • 0 Minimum hazard

If a chemical is red labeled with a Flammable sticker, remember, it must be stored in a flammable chemical cabinet when not in use. Check your area today before you start work. Ensure all the flammable chemicals are in a cabinet. Also, make sure the cabinet is closed . . . an open cabinet doesn’t do anyone any good.

Help prevent chemical fires . . . it’s up to us all.