Hazard Recognition Safety

Hazard Recognition

What are You Missing?

Have you ever found yourself reading an incident report concerning an injury to a worker or damage to equipment and wondered “how in the world did that happen?” More than likely it happened because someone didn’t recognize a hazard. Hazards are the source of personal injuries and damage to vehicles, equipment, and property. Hazards abound at home, work, and play.  The problem is we do not seem to recognize the hazards until after they get us.

  • Recognize your perception of your ability to identify hazards.
  • Complete your JSAs and discuss and review the typical hazards associated with your job/task with your team.
  • Take the opportunity to poll your crew and ask them what hazards they see – then determine if you see the same ones.
  • Examine a new or changing work site with the intent of identifying hazards.
  • Read and share incident and/or investigation reports from others to continuously learn about new hazards raise awareness.
  • Perform a mental check of the task at hand and prepare for the unexpected.

Hazard Recognition – What are You Missing?