Look Before You Leap! Safety

Look Before You Leap!

All too often accidents on construction jobs are caused by workers who fail to “look.” One of the most important and basic principles of accident prevention on a construction job is to look where you walk, stand, sit or climb. You may have heard of the bricklayer who stepped back to admire his work, only to fall off the scaffolding! It is very important to look before stepping in any direction. You might step into a pile of scrap lumber, into an open trench, in the path of a moving piece of equipment or under a swinging load.
On most construction jobs, conditions in work areas change continuously, materials and equipment are constantly handled and moved about. Look up, look down, and look all around and make certain the way is clear and you are avoiding all hazards.
Working in the field of construction does not permit us to sit around much. When you can sit down, look where you sit. How often have you heard the injured worker say, “I didn’t notice it” This excuse just doesn’t cut it. We all have to be aware of our surroundings or risk being severely hurt or killed.
If you are involved in cleaning or housekeeping duties on the job, sometimes scrap is thrown into a pile or from an elevated location. Material should not be thrown at any time. It should be lowered carefully or removed with material handling equipment. Workers should look before they walk in areas where clean-up work is under way. Most importantly, never walk under suspended loads. Be alert and look up. Falling material will cause serious injuries.
Some of you may have heard of people being injured because they failed to watch where they were stepping. Test a platform before you step onto it; be sure your ladder is secure before climbing it. If work areas are poorly lighted, be especially cautious.
Stay alert, look about you constantly and don’t rush or take chances, because those few minutes you save may cost you your lifestyle–or your life!
Remember, someone who rushes in headlong, often comes out feet first!