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Process Safety


While we’ve all heard this message before, Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan, failing to follow this simple advice is a contributing cause in an alarming number of Process Safety Incidents.

Our refinery and our Industry have an excellent history of being able to plan for, and execute, complex and enormous tasks – such as safe plant-wide shutdowns, turnarounds and start-ups.

These tasks entail extensive pre-planning and careful execution.  Where we need to be especially careful is when we run into obstacles which cause us to deviate from our original plan – for example a plugged line, a broken valve, a leaking check-valve, or changing weather conditions.

While it may be impossible to PREDICT challenges to the plan before they occur, what we can do is RECOGNIZE them when they do occur, and make sure our change in path forward is given appropriate review and consideration before proceeding.

So again, always remember to Plan Your Work, and Work Your Plan, and be ready to Recognize and respond to unplanned obstacles.