Most Common Accidents in the Workplace Safety

Most Common Accidents in the Workplace

Accidents in the workplace occur everyday. There are ways to prevent most accidents from occurring if the proper safety procedures are followed. You can prevent accidents in the workplace by training employees and having annual safety meetings to go over any safety issues and concerns that people may have about their job. Below is a list of the most common accidents in the workplace and what you can do to prevent them. Promoting a safe and happy environment is the best way to stops accidents in the workplace before they happen.

This is a list of the most common accidents in the workplace. Knowing what accidents occur the most will help you decide what topics should be covered at your next safety meeting.

  • Slips,Trips And Falls are some of the biggest problems at all jobs. While they are technically three different accidents they are often grouped together as one large problem. Slips, trips and falls can often result in serious injuries. You could do anything from pulling a muscle to breaking bones. There are several ways to reduce this types of injuries. Using signs to warn employees of wet floors will help stop slips as well as keeping papers off of the floors. Make sure all walkways are always clean and clear to reduce trips and falls. Never run wires or cords across high traffic areas.
  • Electrical accidents can be extremely dangerous. If the electric volt is high enough it can kill a person. Also many fires in the workplace are caused by faulty electrical wiring. You can prevent electrocution by check all cords for frays or tears before you plug them in. This will also reduce the chance of a fire starting. Never allow drinks to be near electrical equipment they could spill and cause the wire to short out.
  • Manual handling injuries often include lifting, pushing, lowering, carrying and several other types of strenuous movements. These types of injuries can damage muscles and tissues in your body. They are most common in the back area. You can reduce the number of manual handling injuries in the workplace by teaching proper lifting methods. Remind workers if something is too heavy for them to move alone find help or use a machine to get the job done correctly and safely.