Driver Safety Quiz Safety

Driver Safety Quiz

All most all of the vehicle accidents that occur on public roads are caused by a few common driving errors. Unfor­tunately we all develop some bad habits and when it comes to driving, these habits can be dangerous.

Of course, it’s easy to spot careless or reckless drivers on the road—unless that person happens to be yourself. The Highway Users Federation has developed a self-rating quiz of the driving habits that are often identified as major contributors to traffic accidents. Eight or more YES answers indicate good driving habits. Less means improvement is needed. If you answer yes to less than five of the questions, your chances of being involved in an accident are very great!

Be honest & judge yourself:

  1. Do you always signal before turning at intersections?
  2. Do you always make a complete stop at intersections with flashing red lights?
  3. Do you always wait for the light to turn green before proceeding?
  4. Do you always stick to the posted speed limit?
  5. Do you always keep a safe distance between your car and the one in front of you when following other vehicles?
  6. Do you always slow down and stop when the light turns yellow?
  7. Do you always make a complete stop at STOP signs?
  8. Do you always wait for a broken yellow line before passing the car in front of you?
  9. Do you always slow down at intersections on two-lane roads without lights or stop signs?
  10. Do you always keep your lights on low beam even though oncoming cars fail to dim theirs?
  11. Do you maintain eye contact with objects on all sides by regularly checking the rear and side view mirrors?
  12. Do you always avoid weaving in and out, or around traffic just to save time when driving on expressways?
  13. Do you and your passengers always buckle their seat belts?