General Safety Safety

General Safety

Don’t Set Traps That Can Create Mishaps!

How would you define a “Safety Trap?”

One definition might be, “An accident waiting to happen” and the most likely response to the individual who set the trap is, “What did you think would happen?!

Here are some examples of “Safety Traps”…

  • Removing a scaffold guardrail to access equipment without red-tagging the scaffold.
  • Leaving loose materials on an upper deck that could be kicked off or blown off by the wind.
  • Laying hoses or cords unprotected across commonly accessed walkways.
  • Failing to barricade and to provide a warning light at a roadway excavation.
  • Using wire on a platform or scaffold to secure a cord, and later removing the cord without also removing the wire.
  • Failing to remove a damaged ladder, sling, or hose from service.

As you plan and execute your work, think about what Safety Traps you might be creating for the next person.  If you experience a near-miss, don’t walk away from it without acting.  As you finish up your work at the end of the day, take time to scan the job site to make sure you are leaving it in a safe condition.

Don’t leave “Safety Traps” for your co-workers.