General Safety II Safety

General Safety II

“Be on the lookout and be alert for safety hazards you can divert!”

The purpose of any audit is to verify something.  But the word “audit” makes people feel uneasy, because they’re not always certain about what’s expected.

That’s why a safety audit, or any safety observation, should be conducted to both verify and educate.

The “educate piece” works two ways.

When there’s a positive observation, giving positive recognition builds certainty as to what’s expected.

When at-risk activity is observed,

  • Giving the reason why it’s unsafe;
  • Explaining the expectation; and then
  • Providing encouragement also builds certainty,

In general, people are more likely to meet an expectation if they understand the reason behind it.

So these are a couple of thing to consider with today’s safety thought from a safety auditing perspective.