You See It You Own It Safety

You See It You Own It

What can you do to ensure that we work in a SAFE Workplace?

When you discover an unsafe situation, you are the one that is responsible for correcting the problem.

  • Our goal is an incident free work place
    • This means that we are all responsible for correcting unsafe situations like
      • Cleaning up trash and debris when we find it in the workplace
      • Giving Site Owner notification to get a problem fixed
      • It may be necessary to flag an area off with Danger Tape to keep other out of an unsafe area
      • Get others to help you fix the problem
  • Do not leave traps or hazards for others to find
    • What you leave or ignore could injure somebody else
      • Improperly stored hoses
      • Ice and snow not cleared
      • Uneven walking or working surfaces
  • Stop work immediately if you encounter an unsafe situation
    • We all must take responsibility for safety
      • Ensure that you and your co-workers are not in harms way
      • Everyone on this project benefits from a safe work place
      • Think how you would feel if you did nothing to correct an unsafe situation, then heard later that someone was injured