Eye Protection Safety

Eye Protection

Today we will discuss eye injuries. We use our eyes for everything, what if you lost the use of one even temporally. Imagine driving into work today with the use of only one eye. 

Last year there were over 1000 workplace eye injuries. The BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) found that 70% were caused by flying or falling objects, or sparks striking the eye. 26% were caused exposure to hazardous substances or environments.

In our line of work we use grinders, pneumatic air tools such as nail guns, drills, chipping guns, etc. they all produce flying debris. This debris can impact your eye and become lodged. Has anyone here ever had to have their eye drilled? It’s painful! We also are exposed to many chemicals, acids, and other liquids that can be harmful to our eyes. If you are going to be exposed to these today do you have an eye wash station nearby? If it is a stand-alone water supplied type of station, did you test it to verify it actually works and doesn’t have a month of sediment sitting in the line?

Before you begin using that tool today to complete a task make sure you put on the correct PPE. We only have two eyes let’s protect them!