JJ White Specifics Safety

JJ White Specifics

Here at JJ White we have many work rules. I would venture to say 95% follow industry standard. But we do have unique rules. Let’s review a few of them:

  • We use a color code system for inspections. Red, white, blue, and green, following the 4 quarters of the year. Is that cord you plugged in yesterday inspected? What color tape is on that grinder? Even with this system don’t take the inspection for granted. Look at the tools and PPE daily.

         *Note some site locations follow the Owners color system.

  • While spreading flanges we can use many types of tools. Tethered wedges, pry bars, rigging to pull open and “pop-it’s”. If you are using wedges, JJ White requires tethered only. In past years we have had serious injuries because wedges flew out of a flange that had stored energy on it. One of those injuries happened to a crew member that was 6′ away from the flange and not directly working on it. 
  • When installing or removing Blinds under fresh air a Nomex Hood is required to be worn.
  • Flex and Stretch

                   JJ White has a flex and stretch program that helps with loosening up the muscles to 

                   avoid needless injuries from pulls and strains. It is a proactive program that when 

                   followed will has many benefits.