New Construction Safety

New Construction

Get Safety Right From the Start!

How is Safety built into new construction?  What aspects of Safety are discussed and considered for project type work?

We have been very fortunate to have had many new construction projects over the past few years. So what criteria make these projects successful?  The answer is obviously many different criteria but the most important one is SAFETY.  

Safety is built into new construction through planning, purpose and commitment.  The following is a list of a few aspects of safety to discuss and consider when planning for or executing project type work.

  • Project Safety Goals and Objectives – Commit to sending everyone home safely and outline how you plan to do so.  NMGC’s and audits are examples of goals that can be tracked.  Make these actions visible to everyone on the project and use positive reinforcement. This is the projects opportunity to build a safety culture from day one.  Ensure that everyone knows and supports Stop Work Authority.
  • Emergency Plans and Procedures – Develop emergency plans and procedures specific to your project and communicate the information to everyone.
  • Environmental – Know the federal, state and local guidelines and plan for how environmental hazards or impacts will be mitigated. 
  • Communication – Plan on how safety information will be communicated to employees and contractors.  Project safety orientation, daily tool box talks, weekly safety meetings and safety signs are all good starting points.
  • Scheduling and Coordination – Schedule and plan the work so employees and contractors don’t present hazards to others working in the area.  Ensure everyone is communicating their work and plans to each other.  While this needs to be continuous, daily coordination meetings are a great basis.
  • Logistics – Look at the project and plan for the safe management of material, tools, equipment and trailers.  Communicate these areas and clearly identify them.
  • Waste Management and Housekeeping – Make it a priority from day one and have the proper amount of facilities.  Stay ahead of the curve

How many other aspects of safety for project type work can you and your team list?  How do these apply to what you are doing today?  These aspects of safety can apply to all types of construction we do here at J J White Inc.  Whether you and your team are working a maintenance job, a turnaround or a new construction project, incorporate these aspects into your planning today and commit you and your team to going home Safe.