Safety Practices for Scaffolding Safety

Safety Practices for Scaffolding

Hundreds of people use scaffolding at work every day. It is a great way to reach and work at heights if it is used properly. Following common safety practices for scaffolding will help to insure your wellbeing and continued health while you are working. Some of the concerns with scaffolding are structural integrity, falls, slips and electrical shock. Safety practices for scaffolding will reduce the number or work related injuries.

Top 5 Safety Practices For Scaffolding

  1. Scaffolding should only be constructed by workers that are trained in the correct and safe way to put it together.
  2. Check the Scaffolding each day for breaks, rust, loose boards and maximum weight load. If there is a problem it must be fixed before any employees begin work.
  3. Never use scaffolding for jobs other than its intended use. It is to be used for supporting the weight of workers at a height of more than 3 feet. Do not use it to store or transport work materials.
  4. Scaffolding should be used on a solid flat surface. If you are working in a grassy or unstable area use a sill or pad to prevent movement and sinking.
  5. Post safety signs that warn of falling hazards in areas where scaffolds are being used.

Scaffolding Safety Practices Checklist

  • Are all poles and legs secured and in the correct place?
  • Is the maximum weight capacity being followed?
  • Are all footings secure?
  • Do wooden planks extend at least six to sixteen inches beyond the end of the supports?
  • Is a ladder being used to get on and off of the scaffolding safely?
  • Are all cross braces fastened securely?
  • Do toe boards run along all open sides? Are they at least four inches high all around?
  • Are the guard rails secure and spaced apart properly?
  • Workers are wearing hard hats and work boots while on the scaffolding.
  • Are workers wearing tool belts to carry their equipment?
  • Have all safety harnesses been checked? Are all workers wearing their safety harnesses?

These safety practices for scaffolding will keep you and those working with or around you safe. Scaffolding can be a dangerous piece of equipment if it is not used correctly.