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Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is a sound investment

Are you wearing hearing protection each and every time?

Audits continue to identify low-level risk being tolerated specifically the lack of or improper hearing protection.  Hearing is invaluable to our livelihood, yet we take it for granted by not wearing proper hearing protection 100% of the time required.  It’s seen as low-level risk, and often neglected. A person who overlooks wearing hearing protection would likely take appropriate precaution for a higher risk hazard, like wearing a harness when on elevated structures or proper chemical gloves when working with caustic.  

The same attention must be applied to all levels of risk, regardless of consequence.  The consequence for higher risk behavior is immediate, such as breaking bones in a fall without harness protection.  However, since not wearing proper hearing protection does not result in an immediate impact, it’s easily ignored.  However, over time high exposure to noise will damage the nerve endings in the inner ear that provide ability to hear.  The result is permanent, irreversible hearing loss.  

Hearing loss due to high noise exposure is 100% preventable. Wear your hearing protection every time, wear it properly and if you observe someone else not wearing it let them know.