Portable Ladders Safety

Portable Ladders

Keep safety in mind every time you climb

When should portable ladders be used?

For tasks of short duration, a portable ladder may be the preferred means of access; for example when conducting a visual check on elevated equipment.  

Longer term and more complex jobs may require an alternate work platform to ensure safety, such as a scaffold.

For those times when a portable ladder makes the most sense, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Overreaching can cause a ladder to become unstable and tip, so keep your center of gravity between the rails
  • Use three points of contact when climbing a ladder – for example don’t hand carrying tools as this can result in loss of balance 
  • Place the feet of a ladder on a stable surface to prevent wobbling or tipping over
  • Inspect ladders before each use; a damaged ladder can collapse or become unstable leading to a fall and injury
  • Use ladders according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent fall or injury
  • Use fall protection when working above 6 feet and tie-off properly to prevent a “fall from heights” injury

When planning work, consider safety and the best means for elevated access.  If a ladder is used, keep these items in mind so that you stay protected.