Hand Protection – Part 1 Safety

Hand Protection – Part 1

Next to our eyes, our hands are probably the most important part of our body when it comes to doing our work. They’re involved in almost everything we do. Yet many of the things we do with our hands are done without any deliberate thought.

Your hands have no fear. They’ll go anyplace they’re sent and they only act as wisely as the person they belong to; so before you use your hands think of their safekeeping.

You can protect yourself from hand injuries by remembering the following basic safety rules:

  • Recognize hazards
  • Think through each job before you begin
  • Follow safety rules
  • Avoid shortcuts
  • If an accident happens, seek prompt treatment
  • Report injuries to your supervisor

Healthy hands are built to last a lifetime. Injuries can last a lifetime, too. Be aware of your hand placement and take precautions to guard them.