Hand Protection – Part II Safety

Hand Protection – Part II

Hand injuries are some of the most common injuries in the workplace. Here are the most common types of hand injuries and what you can do to prevent them:

Traumatic injuriesoften occur from careless use of machinery or tools. Hands and fingers get caught, pinched or crushed in chains, wheels, rollers or gears. They are punctured, torn or cut by spiked or jagged tools and edges that shear or chop. Safety precautions should include using shields, guards, gloves or safety locks; handling knives or tools with care; and keeping hands, jewelry and clothing away from moving parts.

Contact injuriesresult from contact with solvents, acids, cleaning solutions, flammable liquids and other substances that can cause burns or injure tissue. To protect against these injuries, read the product labels, use the right glove or barrier cream, and wash hands frequently.

Repetitive motion injurieshappen when tasks require repeated, rapid hand movements for long periods of time. Manufacturing, assembling or computer work may lead to these injuries. Change your grip, hand position or motion. Rotate tasks to give your hands a rest.

Use your Human Performance tools effectively to prevent these type injuries.