Don’t Be in the Dark, Know Where to Park Safety

Don’t Be in the Dark, Know Where to Park

Why is parking safely such a challenge?

Every time you park your vehicle, be sure to “park friendly.” Don’t park in a way that will obstruct the view of other drivers (or parkers), ALWAYS be sure you are parking in a legitimate parking spot, and NEVER block emergency equipment.

Before pulling out of a parking spot, be sure you are aware of ALL of your surroundings.  Those surroundings are not all in your mirrors! A quick tour of the back of the vehicle (performing a 360 walk around) before getting in will go a long way to alerting you of those surroundings, as will doing a good check out all of the windows once you are in the vehicle and ready to move. Always remember the first move forward rule JJ White Inc. has in place when parking and if for some reason you are backing out of a spot, do so slowly to allow others to respond if they are not prepared for you to come out of the spot.  Ensure you are not distracted when pulling out of a spot – we use that phrase quite a bit, and it’s easy to think just in terms of physical distractions such as cell phones, but it’s really about concentration and paying attention.  Chances are when you get in the car you are focused on what you will be doing at your destination – focus instead on your surroundings – you need to get there safely first!

Only through your efforts to park (and drive) safely will we make a difference in our vehicular trend.  Be focused, be safe.