Fatigue Safety


The effects of fatigue can be harmful, stay aware because it may seem normal!

How do you know when you are experiencing the symptoms of fatigue?

Fatigue is a symptom that is described as feeling weak or constantly feeling tired and lacking energy. Very often, individuals believe that a good night rest or a few days off can remediate the disease. A lot of times, identifying fatigue and related illness can be very difficult to diagnose. Which is why, it is important to take the appropriate measures to ensure that you do not experience fatigue in the workplace as it may affect your personal safety. Below are some common causes that may cause fatigue as well as some tips that can help prevent you from experiencing fatigue.

Common Cause                                                     Helpful Tip

  1. Lack of Sleep.                                             Aim for 7-8 hrs. of sleep
  2. Poor eating habits                                     Maintain a nutritious diet
  3. Caffeine Overload                                     Consume caffeine in moderation
  4. Dehydration                                               Drink plenty of water
  5. Food Allergies                                            Develop a food elimination diet
  6. Lack of exercise                                         Create a low strenuous workout plan

Moreover, some signs and symptoms of fatigue can be:

  • Loss of memory or concentration
  • Muscle pain
  • Frequent headaches and sore throats
  • Not feeling refreshed after a full night’s sleep

Safety is our number one priority and responsibility in the refinery. Knowing the signs and symptoms of fatigue as well as knowing the possible causes can improve one’s overall personal safety. In addition, it also improves our safety in the work place. In remembering some of these fatigue tips, the risk of experiencing fatigue can be greatly reduced.