Injury Reporting Safety

Injury Reporting

If an injury happens, don’t delay! Be sure to report it right away!

Why is it important to report all injuries?

When an injury happens, the primary concern is getting care for the injured person. However, some incidents are so minor, that there may not seem to be an urgency to report them.  Also, given the amount of attention that an injury may get, it could seem too much of a bother to even mention it.

But there are some good reasons to report all injuries promptly.  For one, failing to get immediate medical attention can make an injury worse.

A turned ankle may not always seem to be a big deal.  We might think that we can just walk it off.  But prompt treatment will help control any inflammation and allow for a quicker and less painful recovery.  Also, if the injury is severe, e.g., a fracture, immediate treatment prevents the situation from worsening.

Getting a dust particle in your eye may seem like a trivial nuisance.  But the eye is a very sensitive organ.  Without prompt treatment, that nuisance dust particle can cause a corneal scratch and get infected.

An injury is also a learning opportunity.  If the injury is not reported, the organization is no smarter and the events that caused the injury may be waiting to claim the next injury.  Reporting an injury triggers an investigation concerning the circumstances that led to it.

Also, keep in mind that once an event occurs that puts someone at risk, whether it results in a recordable, a first–aid, a near miss, or no incident at all, is purely a matter of luck.  Slightly different circumstances can have a wide range of end results.  Having the benefit of prior injury information could prevent a more serious injury.

Let’s face it, minor injuries are easy to hide.  In addition, sometimes it’s more of an inconvenience to report an injury, than to live with temporary discomfort.  But the benefits of early reporting and preventing another, potentially more serious injury are a couple of reasons why you should report every injury, no matter how small.