Hydrogen Sulfide Safety

Hydrogen Sulfide

Protection against exposure means being equipped with a properly placed H2S clip

What procedures must be followed for your H2S monitor alarms?

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a toxic gas that can cause serious injury or death, even from a brief exposure.

Personal H2S monitors (“clips”) alert the wearer to the presence of H2S, but they must be worn, and responded to, correctly to be effective.

Clips must be worn in the breathing zone, which is the areaforward of the shoulders and within 9 inches of the nose (as illustrated in the picture above).

They must also be worn on the outermost garment so that the sensor is unobstructed.  Clips can be worn on the hard hat, but only if it’s forward of the ears; never wear a clip on the back of your hard hat.

If your clip goes into alarm, you must immediately:

  • Leave the unit, moving crosswind and/or away from the suspected source
  • Notify Operations and notify your supervisor
  • Stay well outside of the affected area until you are instructed otherwise