Pushing Safety Safety

Pushing Safety

On occasion or perhaps even everyday we’re called on to push something. Typically it’s safer to push than it is to pull a load, however doing either can be dangerous to your body. Many soft tissue injuries occur because we push or pull unsafely.

Today let’s look at some techniques to use when you have to push on something. How we push a load is critical. We need to ensure we have good posture when we’re exerting that type of force. Most of us can develop higher push forces by leaning our body weight into the load.

  • For pushing, your hands should be between your elbow and hip.
  • Square up to the load so you don’t twist your body.
  • Feet spread a little with good footing.
  • If you can’t push it easily with your body weight . . . get help.

Administrative, Mechanical and Engineering controls must always be considered prior to pushing a load.