Crane & Hoist Safety Safety

Crane & Hoist Safety

During an average year, injuries caused by working with or near cranes, hoists and similar equipment account for thousands of lost-time claims.

There are certain safety rules that must be followed by everyone who works with or near this type of equipment…

  • Stay alert and pay attention to the warning signal from overhead hoisting equipment
  • Never stand or walk under a load, whether it’s moving or stationary
  • Always warn others of moving and approaching overhead loads
  • Never attempt to distract signal persons or operators of the overhead equipment while they are performing their jobs
  • Always obey warning signs, especially those that are posted in critical areas. Now let’s discuss the safety rules for operators, signal persons and hookup crews
  • Check to see that the equipment you are about to operate has been properly inspected and is certified for operation.
  • Perform an operational inspection as required for that piece of equipment
  • Test the warning signal or device to make sure it is working properly
  • Never operate a crane that is unsafe
  • Before starting work, check the brakes and all controls
  • Never permit an unauthorized person to operate the crane or give the signals
  • Always be sure that the operator and signal persons are in direct and clear view, or in communication by phone
  • Never carry a load over other workers.