Electrical Extension Cords Safety

Electrical Extension Cords

Electrical extension cords are numerous on construction sites and become damaged because of the rough conditions in which they are used.
Inspect to ensure:

  • All extension cords are three-wire cords
  • The ground pin is on a male plug
  • There is no unbroken insulation on the cord
  • End appliances (plug and receptacle) are gripped to insulation
  • All wires are continuous and unbroken
  • All cords are protected from damage, likely to occur when passing through a door or window
  • Metal boxes with knockouts are not used on extension cords
  • Plugs are dead-front (molded or screwed in place)
  • Romex (non-metallic sheathed cable) is not used as flexible cord
  • Cords are not stapled or hung from nails
  • Bushing is passing through holes in covers or outlet boxes

Guard all of exposed electric of more than 50 volts so no one can come in contact (receptacles, light-bulb sockets, bare wires, load center, switches).