Dropped Objects Safety

Dropped Objects

Dropped objects are a serious concern that can put a workforce at risk and result in lost productivity. A dangerous dropped object situation can happen without notice. Results can range from inconvenience/loss of productivity to life-altering injury or death. Other negative results of dropped objects include the cost of damages to the dropped object itself, an object it impacts below or both. If a dropped object hits live process equipment it can also cause a very serious incident.

In spite of these frightening numbers, there are things we can do here at the jobsite to improve our chances of avoiding these terrible consequences:

  • Housekeeping: When working at height, housekeeping is critically important. We must remove unneeded tools and equipment and maintain tight control of those needed
  • Lifting: When lifting tools use tool buckets that have a secure closure that will not dump the contents of the bucket if the bucket were to get tipped over!
  • Toe Boards: Must be in place and small objects such as tools, bolt, studs and nuts must be kept in a bucket or other container
  • Tether: Your tools if possible
  • Additional safeguards such as netting should be considered
  • Barricade: The area below the work to assure we weep unfortunate souls from wandering into the hazardous location